UTECH Las Americas 2017 :: SPONSOR
4th - 6th April 2017
Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City
UTECH Las Americas 2017 :: SPONSOR
4th - 6th April 2017
Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City
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UTECH Website
All of our marketing is designed to bring potential visitors to the website in order to view the exhibitors, conference programme and to register.
★Sole sponsor - €11,200 ($12,500)
★Banner - €1,250 ($1,500)
★Registration page - €1,350 ($1,500)
★Exhibitor list and floor plan - €1,650 ($1,800)

Email bulletins
We keep our registered and potential visitors up-to-date with our progress through -mail bulletins. Sponsor one of these and get your brand in front of over 30,000 key individuals prior to the event.
★€700 / e-bulletin ($750)
★€1,500 for three ($1,650)

At Show
Additional branding around the show can add huge visibility to your brand. You really do not need to take the biggest stand in the hall to have the highest visibility. Careful logo placement can create exactly the same effect.

Registration area
Be the first exhibitor that the visitors see when they enter the show. This highly visible sponsorship not only offers visibility, but adds kudos to your brand.
★€3,200 ($3500)

Attendee badges
Extend your brand beyond the registration area by also placing your logo on the visitor badges, which enables you to have your company logo visible throughout the entire venue.
★Badges only - €3,200 ($3,500)

Attendee Lanyards
Distributed with the badges to every person in UTECH Europe 2015, lanyards are another opportunity to extend your brand throughout the entire event.
★Lanyards provided by sponsor - €3,200 ($3,500)

Attendee badges plus Lanyards
Combine the exposure of having your brand on each and every attendee bag as well as the 1000s of lanyards that will be given out at the registration area and worn across the 3 days by visitors and exhibitors alike.
Lanyards provided by Sponsor.
★Badges and Lanyards - €6,000 ($6500)

Attendee Carrier Bags
Distributed from the registration desk to every visitor as they enter, branding on the show bags will promote your company for the duration of the event. Show bags have extended branding life as many do make their way back to our visitors’ offices post show.
★€3,200 bags provided by sponsor ($3500)
★€7,250 bags produced by organiser ($8,000)

Inserts in Attendee Carrier Bags
Insert one piece of corporate/product literature into the show bag at registration. Supply us with the 4,000 A4 pieces and we will insert them on your behalf. A simple, and easy way to promote your brand.
★ €900 UTECH Show guide ($1,050)

Show Guide
The ultimate guide to the show, distributed and used by every visitor, the A5 show guide has high value both during and after the show. Raising your companies profile in the show guide puts you one step ahead of your competitors.
★ Whole Page 4 colour €1,800 ($2,000)
★ Half page 4 colour €1,350 ($1,500)
★ Quarter page 4 colour €900 ($1000)
★ Logo on show guide entry €225 ($250)

Banners Located in Main Entrance
Be one of the companies that will welcome the visitors and take advantage by steering them directly to your stand by announcing your location at the main exhibition floor.
Available spaces: 3
Dimensions: 19 Metres x 2.25 metres
Design and production by the sponsor.
★ €3,600 Room A, B or C ($4,000)

Phone Charging Unit Sponsorship
Price per unit
The sponsor offers the visitor a working area in different strategic points within the exhibition. Here the visitor may charge the electronic devices, telephones and tablets. Includes:
• Corporate video projection (3 minutes)
• Connection for loading 10 mobile devices
Available spaces: 2
Production by the sponsor.
★ €2,700 Room A, B or C ($3,000)

Concourse Banners
Price per space
You can use all the space by placing your company image and this will help you complement your participation. Your company will stand out in one of the main access points to the event.
Available spaces: 2
Dimensions: 1 metre x 5 metres
Production by the sponsor.
★ €1,350 Room A, B or C ($1,500)

Banners On Large Windows
These banners are going to be placed on the windows facing the hippodrome track. These will be produced with mesh.
Spaces available: 1
Dimensions: 4.3 metres x 6 metres
Production by the sponsor.
★ €4,050 Room A, B or C ($4,500)

Aisle Banners
Increase the presence of your brand in the exhibition hall by placing your brand on
the aisle banner.
Available spaces: 6 aisles,
3 banners per aisle.
Production by the sponsor.
★ €2,700 Room A, B or C ($3,000)

Logo On Concourse Glass
Price per 10 spaces
Place your brand all over the concourse area. You may place your brand over the hand rail glass, in different points at the entrance to the event.
Spaces available: 10
Dimensions: 60cm (base) x 40cm (height)
Production by the sponsor.
★ €2,250 Room A, B or C ($2,500)

Escalator Sponsorship
Unit price per complete stairs. Catch the attention of the attendees by placing the image of your company with self adhesive vinyl over the glasses or over the stairs side rails that will take you to the event. The stairs represent one obligatory access point in order to enter that event.
Space: 3 companies (maximum)
Production by the sponsor.
★ €2,250 Room A, B or C ($2,500)

Drinks Reception
Identify your company as a key player in the market by sponsoring the drinks reception at the end of day one. Your logo will feature prominently on the invites and around the room in the evening. It will appear on all wine bottles. Hosting a drinks reception is a great way to network with current customers and a good way to entice new ones.
★ €5,450 Room A, B or C ($6,000)


The UTECH Las Américas exhibition features leading industry companies. Have a look at all the companies signed up on our latest exhibitor list.


Visit UTECH Las Américas, make new contacts, develop business leads and find out about the latest industry developments.


For registration to conference/ expo click here


The 2017 event will run an extensive paid-for conference programme covering a range of hot topics.

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